Super Tortas Futboleras at Rocky’s Tacos

A while back, fellow food friends recommended Rocky’s Tacos as the Mexican version of Ba Le (a popular Vietnamese styled sandwich shop in Chicago’s Argyle neighborhood).  The first time I ate at Rocky’s Taco’s, it was amazing and satisfied my torta/sandwich hunger. This was my second trip over there with new folks in tow.

Upon arrival, there was a huge sticker of Cuauhtémoc Blanco plastered on the windows of the restaurant along with a ton of soccer paraphernalia on the walls.  Once inside, we found a plethora of fun dishes such as the FUCK YOU REFERI and the OFF SIDE, as noted in the image above. For those who’re wondering, there’s a clear soccer theme here.

After ordering, we were given chips and salsa. Chips were crispy and had a good crunch to them. The salsa looks like ham and salsa mixed together.

If anyone knows what the official name of the salsa, please share! The salsa had a surprising bite to it. Folks ordered drinks and other food, but that was not documented. We were here for the Super Tortas Futboleras! Unfortunately, I did not document some of the names of the sandwiches (tortas) here so you’ll just get descriptives of what was the meat of the sandwich.

Diner A ordered a regular sized turkey, bacon and cheese torta. Every sandwich comes with avocado, mayo, beans and shredded lettuce (maybe even more, don’t recall). He did not want beans in his sandwich so he had to make some modifications before eating it (blurry photo, my bad).

Diner B ordered a large chorizo, bacon and eggs torta. It was so big that he couldn’t finish it, however, he made a good effort. If you have a big appetite, this is the way to go.

Diner C ordered a regular Messi torta, which included breaded beef steak, chicken, pork and cheese. This was meat packed. Definitely NOT for the weak of stomach.

Lastly, I ordered a regular Ro-Ro-Ro torta (I don’t know what Ro-Ro-Ro means in soccer lingo), which includes sausage, Mexican sausage, egg, ham & cheese. Something to note, regular sausage really means HOT DOG sausage, not a Johnsonville sausage. The Mexican sausage (chorizo) was cooked down and added to the sandwich in a ground meat form.

Diners A, B, and C cited their tortas were good. Some were saved to be eaten at a later time. My Ro-Ro-Ro was tasty and messy, though, I wasn’t expecting hot dog sausage in it. The bread was soft and easy to bite into. I wonder if their torta bread made by a nearby panaderia (bakery) because it was chewy and not stale. Maybe another visit will answer that. In the menu, there are many combinations of tortas to eat with as many soccer popular players assigned to them i.e. La Beckham, La Maradona and La Ochoa. Next time you’re on the north side of Chicago, try them out.

Rocky’s Tacos
La Casa de las Super Tortas Futboleras
7043 N. Clark
Chicago, IL 60626

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