Cupcaking at Sprinkles Cupcakes

I was on my way to lunch when I suddenly walked by Sprinkles Cupcakes on Walton Street. I did a double take as I had heard this cupcake bakery chain was only located on the west coast of the country. Later investigation on their website told me that new cupcake locations has sprung across the nation, including upcoming openings. Admittedly, I’m skeptical of their openings in Paris and Tokyo. Those two locations alone harbor some of the best food stuffs in the world and are incredibly difficult places to compete in. Best of luck!

[Image from website]

I made a mental note to come back later to grab some cupcakes after lunch. You know, for science.

My lunch companion agreed to have some cupcakes after lunch so we walked over and took a look at their wares. They have a variety of flavors they bake every day, with a few exceptions. Special flavors, such as chai latte, were only available on certain days. According to their website, Friday is the only day chai latte is available. Mark my words, I will get that cupcake!

This location was bustling with customers going in and out so the cupcake turnover seems consistent. The interior is a bit small, with only 4 high chairs available to sit in. Outside, there is a built in bench for people to enjoy their cupcakes when the weather warms up. Most people dashed in and out with their cupcakes to go, cars waiting outside.

Initially, we thought to have our cupcakes to go, hence the box. Then two seats were made available so we gladly sat down and ate through our cupcakes. If you choose to eat there, you’re given a plate and a fork, otherwise, take them to go.

[Top sprinkle cupcake: Peanut Butter Chip, Pink and Yellow Circle cupcake: Lemon, Red V cupcake: Red Velvet Vegan, Bottom sprinkle cupcake: Vanilla Milk Chocolate]

We ordered 4 cupcakes, 2 for each of us. Upon opening the box, we realized that we couldn’t tell apart the sprinkle toppings on two different flavored cupcakes so make sure you know which is which! To our relief, a friendly employee remembered which flavor was each cupcake.

One of my cupcakes was the lemon flavor. According to their website, lemon is only available on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. A good choice on my end. In fact, a delicious choice. The cupcake was moist and was not overbearingly lemony (made that word up). Lemon flavored baked goods tend to be too sour or too sweet for me and this suited me. In my haste, I didn’t take a photo of the cupcake in its original state and only remembered in mid-bite. This is the power of cupcakes.

My other cupcake was a basic vanilla milk chocolate. A vanilla base with a milk chocolate frosting, with the option of having sprinkles or not (for those who are not into sprinkles; the sprinkles option is available to other cupcakes as well). Vanilla milk chocolate is available every single day of the year they’re open.

The cupcake was soft and tender to the bite. Once halfway through eating, a fork is recommended to finish it since the weight of the frosting and sprinkles sometimes topples it over. Milk chocolate is a well executed flavor, but next time, I shall go for flavors that are available once in a blue moon. With a large menu, I have many to sample. My companion very much enjoyed their peanut butter chip, a flavor only available Tuesday and Sunday. I took a look inside the cupcake and it was studded with chocolate chips. This seems like something the chocolate peanut butter gallery would eat. Take that back, they have already eaten there. The other cupcake my companion enjoyed was the red velvet vegan cupcake. Available every single day of the year! And now, I’m planning my next cupcake escapade.

Sprinkles Cupcakes
50 East Walton St.
Chicago, IL 60611

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