Lunar New Year Dumplings

Image taken from The Holiday Spot

Happy (belated) Lunar New Year my fellow readers! Have you celebrated yet? If not, kick into gear! Bust out the red and gold colors and eat food nao. The year of the rabbit is ours for the taking!

To celebrate the new year, I made pork dumplings from scratch. I did not add a coin to my batch of dumplings, if you were wondering. Info on the coin here.

Dumplings5I had one HECK of a time with my dumpling skins. I used a brand called Wei-Chun, purchased from H-Mart. Fail. Then I tried Nasoya skins. Fail-ish. The lesson is? I should stick to my beloved dumpling skin brands found at one of my favorite grocery stores, Tai (Dai) Nam, located close to Argyle and Broadway St. OR! I make my own dumpling skins. I hope my luck doesn’t run out on me due to my dumpling skins going awol!

Finished DumplingsHere’s some photos of my dumpling skins. The weird ones were the fail dumplings. The triangle shape was the only shape that held together, barely. A few cute fail wontons added as well.

And here, Nasoya attempts to explain how to make a wonton.

NasoyaHowToAt the very end, it somehow directs you to make a butt (instead of a wonton). 🙂

And some triangle dumplings made Japanese gyoza style. I need a non-stick pan bad.

Gyoza'dMy dear readers, thank you for sticking with me while this blog is soft launched! I’m having some watermarking technical difficulties i.e. software limits # of images to be watermarked for free or using an on-line service limits how many images I can watermark or the software has been awol-ish. (Many thanks to RS for helping me through the initial watermarking!) Got any ideas on helping me out? You can contact me at Or you can twitter me @eatfoodnao! BTW, I am a complete twitter newbie with working knowledge of the fail whale. It’s an exciting time folks!

Happy New Year everyone!

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