I EFN Love Cloud 9’s Taiwanese Snow Ice [Closed]

I was looking at my blog stats and it looks like my readers really likes desserts! So I had to share one of my favorite dessert places: Cloud 9. I haven’t been back since my first visit due to logistical reasons, but if I’m ever in the area, I will eat a ton of snow ice. You will too.

*Note: I’m trying out a bigger images for this blog post so please let me know if you like it or prefer the smaller image I’ve been using for the past posts!

I found out about Cloud 9 by pure accident. I was heading towards Broadway street via Belmont and the playful looking sign caught my eye. I then read the window glass that said, “Joyfully serving Taiwanese snow ice, bubble tea.” My immediate reaction was, “GTFO!! NO WAI~!” (Translation: Get the eff out! No WAYYYYY!)

Window and Games

As you can see, I ran in. They have games for customers to play with. Scrabble, anyone?

Interior 2

The place is spacious and the lights have a fun, translucent multicolored design.

Interior 1

There’s plenty of space to wander around in. Plus, it’s quite welcoming. I mean, I ran in.

1-2-3 Steps

On the wall, there’s an easy to understand ordering system. Pick snow ice, pick sauce, pick toppings = done.

Snow Ice Flavors

There’s four kinds of snow ice you choose from. Mango, green tea, vanilla, and strawberry. For those wondering, snow ice is like shaved ice, however, the texture and flavors of the ice are done differently. Instead of plain frozen ice with toppings to flavor it, the flavors are infused into an actual ice block and frozen. When you pick a flavor, there’s a different block of ice they shave from. When they shave the ice, a special machine is used to achieve a fluffy and melt in your melt sensation of the ice versus a typical ice shaving machine you would buy in a store.

Drink Menu

There’s also drinks on the menu. Notice the bubble tea? They serve the REAL Taiwanese bubble tea, with real tea and boba. Bubble tea originated from Taiwan so this is great news to bubble tea enthusiasts. While I did not try it, the next time I come back, I’ll be ordering a large beverage. Note that the real bubble tea is not that fruit shake that 99% of places serve. The guy serving me mentioned that they’ll be serving the ‘regular’ fruity bubble tea that everyone keeps requesting.

Making Snow Ice 1

Here’s the snow ice in action. It’s a bit different than normal.

Making Snow Ice 2

The guy making the snow ice is actually the son of the owners. We had a great time chatting up bubble tea and the snow ice. So if you see him, say hi! I forgot his name, but he was really friendly! He gave a lot of great information about what they’re selling.

Snow Ice Machine

Here’s the snow ice and what it looks like with the machine. The guy was telling me that their snow ice machine and freezer is actually from Taiwan. Wow, that’s dedication to a quality product.

Toppings Layout

At this point, they’ll ask you what sauce/drizzle you want and the toppings. They have regular sauces that you’ll probably find familiar and toppings, though, I recommend trying to get toppings you might get in Taiwan.

Snow Ice Topping1

I chose mango snow ice with red bean topping and the regular sauce. I forgot what sauce I got, but it’s a typical Taiwanese topping+sauce combination. I heard a Taiwanese guy orders the same exact snow ice every time he comes in, never deviating. Hard. Core. Now that’s homesickness for you. Feeding the need.

Mango Snow Ice w/ Red Beans 1

As you can see, it’s quite big and looks messy, maybe even unappetizing. I assure you, it is not. If I correctly recall, this was a small order! It was delicious and satisfying. With every order of snow ice, you get a hole punched in a Cloud 9 card. When you attain 8, you get the 9th one free!

Mango Snow Ice w/ Red Beans 2

Each bite was soft and fluffy, with a hint of mango and a bite of sweet red beans. A delightful dish that disappeared quickly despite the cold weather outside. Rain or shine, hot or cold, you have to drop by Cloud 9 for a taste of heaven.

Cloud 9
604 W. Belmont
Chicago, IL 60657

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9 Responses to I EFN Love Cloud 9’s Taiwanese Snow Ice [Closed]

  1. Betty says:

    Ooh! I passed by this place while heading to Paciugo for gelato, but it was closed for the winter. If it’s open now, I’ll be making a trip!

  2. curtis says:

    I drove 4 hours to check this place out. I am planning on serving this at my restaurant in my city and Cloud 9 was the closest and only Snow-Ice place around. Good place and you are right the guy working was really cool. I also got the mango but I just had mango syrup and fresh mango pieces, was very good. I have been experimenting with my own recipes and I have come up with a pretty good version of Blue Moon but I still like the mango and strawberry is pretty good. I hope to make it back to Chicago to Cloud 9 again soon….

    • eatfoodnao says:

      Wow! You drove 4 hours to Cloud 9!? What city are you from? Thanks for visiting the blog!

      • curtis says:

        I am from Green Bay, I own a Thai restaurant that serves boba tea and have been looking into Snow-Ice since last summer…actually I am sitting w/ a bowl of strawberry snow-ice w/ stawberry syrup, condensed milk and sweet red beans 🙂 in front of me, it’s so cold outside but I just got my red beans in and I was dying to try them out, The red beans are pretty good but the latest batch of my strawberry ice is so good!

      • eatfoodnao says:

        Wow, that’s great to hear. Snow ice is tasty and more people should know about it. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you find the blog?

  3. Curtis says:

    When i was doing some google research on snow ice, seems like a very rare treat in the USA and cloud 9 pops up alot.

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