Get Your Caffeine Fix at Coffee Studio

I don’t drink a lot of alcohol or coffee, but BE is big on coffee. Whenever possible, we pay a visit to Coffee Studio in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood. Why? After spending time in Portland and Eugene (Oregon), capitals of all things hipster including coffee, Coffee Studio is one of the only places in Chicago that serves a good cup of joe.

Hot caramel cider chai sign

On this particular visit, they were offering a hot caramel cider-chai. It seemed like a seasonal item as I had never seen it before and they had a special little sign for it. More on this later.


BE got the cappuccino. As usual, a lovely design with the milk and a strong espresso flavor. No weak espresso flavor here. By the way, did you know they have wifi? With a purchase, you can get a wifi key to log onto the network.

White Tea

Diner A got a white tea. They were satisfied with their drink and was able to get more hot water for additional steepings. Make sure you get more hot water for your tea. Tea can be steeped a few times and some teas actually taste better with additional steepings.

Hot Caramel Cider Chai

I ordered the hot caramel cider-chai. The caramel mostly comes from the drizzle on top of the whipped cream. The drink itself was delicious. The mix of cider and chai was something I hadn’t heard of, but it’s a great combination. Both flavors could be tasted and they didn’t overpower each other. And quickly disappeared from my cup/mug/bowl of awesome. I hope they keep this on the menu, it’s a winner.

Coffee Studio
5628 N Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60660-4109
(773) 271-7881

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