Heaven on Seven’s Mardi Gras Breakfast is not for the Weak of Stomachs

Oh Heaven on Seven. I’ve always walked by its Chicago downtown location thinking, “One day I’ll eat there, just one day.” That one day came a few years later…. at their suburban (Naperville) location.

Interior 1

Our timing for this meal came around Mardi Gras so the restaurant was elaborately decorated with ribbons, balloons and the like.

Interior 2

Lots of decor along with walls of hot sauces. It’s kind of amazing to look at. More on that later.


They serve our table cornbread with blueberries(?) studded on top and HONEY BUTTER. I took one taste of the honey butter and deemed it fabulous. A must needed add on to this brunch.

Hot Sauces and cornbread

At each table, there’s a gang of hot sauces for you to try out. Varieties such as “hot bitch on the beach,” “asbirin,” and “smack my ass and call me sally” decorated the tables. These are the real names of the sauces, you can’t make that up.

While the hot sauces were entertaining, we were here for the MARDI GRAS BREAKFAST. Described as “Two Eggs any Style, Choice of Pork Sausage, Bacon or Ham off the Bone, with Breakfast Potatoes and Toast, $9.95.” But that is not all folks! This was NOT labeled in the menu but the waitress told us that each breakfast comes with a drink, soup andddddd…. *drum roll* DESSERT! What!? WHAT~!?! THAT IS INSANE PEOPLE!!! A dessert alone costs $6+, a drink $2+ and soup probably $4-5+. And you can substitute toast for pancakes. OMFG. NOTE: I have no idea if they’re still doing this at all their dine in locations so I recommend calling in and asking.

Tomato Soup

First up, soup. Diner A ordered the tomato soup and deemed it a regular tomato soup. Dip some bread in that and you’re good to go.

Gumbo 1

BE and I both ordered gumbo. Sure, the bowl looks small, but don’t let that fool you. That rice on top is just a distraction.

Gumbo 2

Between this gumbo and the cornbread, you might not be able to make it to the main dish. Oh look! Lots of andouille sausage in this portion.


Oh yeah, the drink that comes with your order. We all ordered tea and the drinks were massive. Did I mention free refills? How’s your stomach holding up? Ok?

Mardi Gras Breakfast w/ Sausage

Diner A ordered the mardi gras brunch with sausage, over easy eggs and potatoes w/ pancakes. The sausage was bigger than your typical breakfast sausage and had a great snap as you bite into them. Diner A deemed it excellent and demolished the eggs and potatoes.

Mardi Gras Breakfast w/ Ham

BE ordered the mardi gras brunch with ham, over easy eggs and potatoes w/ toast. The ham was good and it does seem like it came off a ham bone. And there was quite a bit of ham. I didn’t take a photo of the toast, but for those wondering, the toast was a slice of toasted bread, cut diagonally. BE used the toast to finish off eggs and dabbed random hot sauces on the potatoes for hot sauce science.

Mardi Gras Breakfast w/ Bacon

I ordered the mardi gras brunch with bacon, over easy eggs and potatoes w/ pancakes. The bacon was really good. Not your ordinary thin and tasteless bacon. The bacon was thick and flavorful with a wonderful crunch. The potato portion was generous and the eggs were great. With so much stuff to eat, that brings us to…

4 Hot Sauces

Hot sauce! If you can handle the heat, I recommend trying them out. It was fun testing out which we liked and didn’t like. From the photo our favorites included “Ass in Space,” “Smack my Ass and Call Me Sally,” “Crystal: Louisiana Pure Hot Sauce,” and “Ass in the Tub.” Now that I think about it, we liked most of the sauces with the word ass on them. I wonder if that means anything.


This was one side order of pancakes that came with Diner A’s meal (and mine). The pancakes were large and came with butter, syrup and powdered sugar. Here’s what I recommend. Ignore that packet of butter and ask for extra honey butter and SLATHER THAT OVER THE PANCAKES. If you’re going to go big, do it big! HONEY BUTTER FTW (For the Win)!!!

Mississippi Pie

To finish it all off, dessert. We couldn’t tackle three desserts so we took two to go and ate one at the restaurant. If I recall correctly, this was the Mississippi Mud Pie. A layered mousse cake slice with powdered sugar and chocolate drizzle. Delicious.

Back Side of M Pie

And you shouldn’t eat this if you’re on any kind of food restricted meal plan/diet. Your stomach may not handle it, but it will be full and happy.

Heaven on Seven
224 S. Main Street
Naperville, IL 60540
(630) 717-0777

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