A Place Like Wagamama Sounds Like a Wrestling Move (Boston, MA)

Aside from eating in the windy city, I take advantage of other culinary delights (or failings) that other cities have to offer. In this post, I head to Boston.

Wagamama 1

I had never heard of Wagamama before coming to Boston. I’m not sure if ‘wagamama’ is even a legitimate Japanese word. It sounds like a wrestling move to me. From what I’ve gathered, Wagamama is London based and their website states ‘wagamama is the most popular chain of award-winning asian inspired noodle restaurant in the country.’ I think country means England. BE and I were looking for some take out and Wagamama seemed quite popular so we ordered out.

Wagamama 2

There are plentiful seats available to choose from. The tables and seats looked like upgraded picnic tables and chairs. Not a bad thing though. Ordering was easy enough and the service was all right.

Miso Beef Ramen

We ordered the Miso Beef Ramen which is described as “noodles in a spicy miso broth filled with stir-fried marinated beef, carrot, leek, garlic and bean sprouts garnished with wakame, menma, sesame seeds and chili oil, $12.75.” I was curious to see how they would deliver on a take out order of ramen. As I unpacked the food, everything was in a big take out bowl dish to my dismay. I thought they would put the broth and ramen noodles in separate containers. A quick run down of the dish: broth was ok (not great, not offensive), it was indeed quite spicy, beef was ok, vegetables (carrot, leek, bean sprouts) were fine, wakame was ok, menma was bland, and the ramen noodles were actually not bad.

Yasai Katsu Curry

The other dish we ordered was the Yasai Katsu Curry, described as “deep-fried slices of panko-coated sweet potato, eggplant and butternut squash served with our famous light curry sauce and sticky rice. Garnished with mixed leaves tossed in our signature house dressing, $9.95.” Out of the two dishes ordered, the yasai katsu curry was better than the ramen. You get 1 ‘patty’ of each vegetable (potato, eggplant, squash) that is deep fried with Japanese bread crumbs. All three were pretty decent and the favorite out of them was the squash, then potato, followed by eggplant. For those wondering, the curry that came with the dish was definitely more of a light sauce than a curry stew. I wished we were given more to finish off the katsu and rice.

Side Salad

The katsu comes with a small salad with their signature house dressing. While I don’t remember the dressing, BE and I did enjoy it with the greens. While the ramen wasn’t impressive, the katsu was decent and the salad left me wanting a bit more, I thought the prices were a bit high for the ok quality food. If we meet again, we may try some other things on the menu.

Prudential Center
800 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02199

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