Stuffing My Face with The Crab Pot’s Seafeasts (Seattle, WA)

Aside from eating in the windy city, I take advantage of other culinary delights (or failings) that other cities have to offer. In this post, I head to Seattle, Washington.

Crab Pot exterior

BE and I were in Seattle for a trip and were leaving the Pike Place Market for some serious seafood eats. HELLO CRAB POT! Did you know they were on an episode of Man vs. Food? I love Man vs. Food. People may think it’s ridiculous eating, but to me, sometimes you just want to devour the BIGGEST AMOUNT OF FOOD EVARRRRR (ever) and have food conquests. It makes SENSE to have a show about this. So WIN!

Bread, butter

When you arrive, you get a loaf of bread and butter at your table. Eat that while you can because the seafood will distract you.

Raw Oysters on a Half Shell

As a starter, we ordered raw oysters on the half shell. The oysters were plump, had a cool crisp flavor and was fresh tasting. With a spritz of lemon, it was delightful.

Strawberry Lemonade

As our beverage of choice, we ordered the strawberry lemonade. The lemonade is home made and it was extremely delicious.

Board and mallet

If you order their “seafeasts,” you’ll receive a board and a wooden mallet of your own for seafood consumption. As Man vs. Food puts it, “…and a weapon!” In addition, you’ll receive a bib to protect you from the seafood chaos.

Alaskan seafeast spread

Out of the seafood ‘seafeasts,’ we ordered “The Alaskan” which includes ‘king crab, dungeness crab, snow crab, shrimp in the shell, steamed clams, pacific mussels, andouille sausage, corn on the cob and red potatoes in their jackets.’ When your order comes out, it arrives in a big bowl and the contents of that bowl is dumped onto your table. Initially, we thought we could eat it all, but halfway through, we were getting full!

Lemon and butter

A small plate of melted butter and lemon wedges accompanies your seafeast. With it, your meal is taken to new heights. When dipped in melted butter and splashed with some lemon juice, the crab meat was addicting and succulent. I couldn’t stop licking my fingers! It was so good!

Close up 1

The shrimp was fun to peel and eat. Some of the meat of the clams and mussels were not in their shells so you’ll have to search for some of them in the seafood rubble.

Close up 2

The corn on the cob was a fun change of pace in eating and was tasty when slathered with butter. I thought the potatoes were wonderfully flavored. For me, the potatoes provided a ‘break’ in eating so much seafood while the andouille sausage slices were easy to snack on and seemed endless.

Overall, I would come back to feast on more seafood. If you ever visit Seattle, you must get some seafood!

The Crab Pot Restaurant and Bar
1301 Alaskan Way
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 624-1890

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2 Responses to Stuffing My Face with The Crab Pot’s Seafeasts (Seattle, WA)

  1. Betty says:

    Seafood boils are big in the South too, or so my regional cuisine cookbook tells me. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to re-enact a boil at my house where I can boil up blue crab, shrimp, corn, maybe a lobster and dump it on my kitchen table, but I guess it’ll have to wait until I manage to amass about 4 friends with the desire to stuff their faces with seafood.

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