Don’t Hate: Reviewing McDonald’s New Fruit and Maple Oatmeal

You have to live under a rock to not know McDonald’s. Everyone knows McDonald’s. So when they came out with this new fruit and maple oatmeal menu item, I wanted to try it.

OK, seriously? I had a coupon for free oatmeal. I know some of my friends are laughing at me as they read that.

McDonalds Oatmeal

The presentation is standard, typical McDonald’s style. The packaging is similar to Jamba Juice’s oatmeal.

Raisin and fruit mix oatmeal

According to McDonald’s, I’m guessing ‘fruit’ means apple bits. And maybe pear bits? I couldn’t tell. The raisins were surprisingly good with the fruit bits.

Oatmeal Close Up

The oatmeal itself was plain, but wasn’t too bad when it was mixed with the fruit and raisins. A bit mushy, some oatmeal-like texture and some sweetness added. Sure, it wasn’t the best, but I’m sure the oatmeal could have been worse. Shockingly not bad. If I had to buy something from McDonald’s for breakfast, this might be considered.

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