I Might as Well Review Jamba Juice’s Oatmeal Too

After reviewing McDonald’s oatmeal, I figured I might as well do a write up on Jamba Juice’s oatmeal too. Why? I HAD A FREE OATMEAL COUPON. Of course I had a coupon.

Oatmeal exterior

Typical packaging of hot oatmeal and with an added orange spoon to brighten up your day. According to wikipedia, “Jamba Juice debuted its new organic steel-cut oatmeal in January 2009. The oatmeal is freshly prepared every morning with soy milk and includes toppings such as brown sugar crumble, fresh banana, blackberry-blueberry, apple cinnamon and berry cherry pecan.” I was not offered this diverse selection of oatmeal flavors when I got this. Probably because I had a coupon. -facepalm-

Blackberry blueberry oatmeal

I was given two flavors and I chose blackberry-blueberry. I was also asked if I wanted mine to be sweetened and I said yes (why not?) Based on the picture, you can see the blackberry-blueberry exploding all over the oatmeal in a purple-ish mess. The oatmeal was quite generously filled to the top and the blackberry-blueberry flavor of the oatmeal was not bad.

Blackberry blueberry oatmeal 2

However, the oatmeal was really really thick. And as you eat through the container, the oatmeal cools down, producing oatmeal lumps which made it more difficult to eat and swallow. I say share this with a friend/spouse/etc. because it’ll make you really full and kind of becomes cement-like as you eat through this. I don’t recommend speed eating this either, it doesn’t work.

Jamba Juice
Located in many places

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