Excellent Hand Dipped Corndogs at Wiener and Still Champion Plus Their Country Fried Bacon is Insane

At one point in my life, I was always within walking distance of Wiener and Still Champion. So whenever BE and I would go out to eat, we’d somehow always find ourselves there. Here, I document one of the many meals we’ve had: hand dipped corn dogs!


Located off the Dempster purple line train station sits the beloved shop.

DinerDriveInDives Sign

They were also featured on the popular food show, “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.”


Inside, it is cozy and you step right up to order. Last I heard they’re cash only.


With every corndog order, you get to pick what sauce you want with it. Our favorite is their honey mustard sauce which goes really well with their corndogs, but you can always choose a different flavor to try out. On the menu, there are combos and such so if you order more, you get a bit of a discount plus more sauces!

Corndogs 2

One might think corndogs are merely street food and do not constitute a meal, I have to disagree. These are quite filling and are not your ordinary corndogs.

Corndog close up

They’re juicy on the inside and have a substantial amount of corn meal on the exterior. Crispy too.

Corndog w/ honey mustard

The honey mustard sauce has the right balance of sweet and mustard flavors. You might think that the sauce receptacle is quite big for corndogs, but let me assure you that you’ll dip the corndog in the sauce a lot. And if you have some left, it makes a great spread for sandwiches too. 🙂

Country Fried Bacon

By chance, someone had ordered the infamous country fried bacon and could not finish it. I volunteered to finish it because I couldn’t stand to see such good food thrown away. BE and I shared 2 pieces and those pieces alone KO’ed us 100%. It was good in such a fatty fried way, but you can not eat this alone. Order at your discretion and share with a group of people because it’s intense. But seriously, don’t forget the corndogs, they rock. Oh, and their french fries too!

Wiener and Still Champion
802 Dempster St.
Evanston, IL, 60202
(847) 869-0100

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4 Responses to Excellent Hand Dipped Corndogs at Wiener and Still Champion Plus Their Country Fried Bacon is Insane

  1. Betty says:

    OOH! Thanks for the review of this place! I’ve never really ventured to the Dempster purple line neighborhood, so this seems like a perfect place to start my adventure.

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  3. Harry Chan says:

    I love Wiener and Champion! I had a double hamburger there once (used a Groupon which made it a good deal) and it was really good. I would go there more often but too much good food adds to my waistline. 😦

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