More People Must Know About Taste of Lebanon’s Kick Ass Middle Eastern Food

I have to confess, I don’t eat as much Middle Eastern food as I’d like. BUT! When I do, I go to one of my favorites: Taste of Lebanon.


Located on Foster Ave, between Ashland and Clark street, sits this lovely place. It’s quite easy to miss. If you are familiar with the Middle Eastern Bakery and Grocery, Taste of Lebanon is literally across the street.


They’ve recently shifted some things around to organize the place. Plus, the menu is quite Midtown Lunch friendly aka less than $10. The staff is friendly and the food comes out quickly. Be prepared!

Lentil soup

You must order their lentil soup. The first time I had their soup was when I was suffering from a massive cold and it worked wonders. It is delicious, deeply satisfying, soothing, cooked down to a lovely stew-like soup.

Pita bread

Soup comes with pita bread too. The pita bread shown also came with the special #1 vegetarian combo.

Vegetarian platter #1

The Special #1 Vegetarian Combo consists of falafel, hummus, baba ghannouj, with fresh vegetables, tahini sauce, and 2 pitas. The vegetables were cucumbers, tomato slices, and chopped lettuce. It also includes some hot peppers and olives too. Everything was fresh and wonderfully delicious. The baba ghannouj is a personal favorite and the falafel was crisp. It all comes together when you wrap it on some pita.

Chicken chawarma

But wait! There’s more to eat. The chicken chawarma is BE’s favorite wrap and is tasty. If you’re a chicken kind of person, this is lovely to eat.

Lamb kabob wrap

The lamb kabob (kefta) is my favorite wrap.

Close up of lamb

This wrap has tomatoes, white onions, some tahini and I’m guessing some cilantro? I may be wrong, but whatever the case may be, it is great to eat! So if you’re into lamb, this may be something to try. If you’re not into gamey stuff, don’t try this. Get the chicken wrap.


To finish off the meal, try some baklava. I’ve never had a bad baklava there. They have two kinds of baklava: rolls and squares. I usually get the rolls as you receive 3 small bakalava rolls for $1. A sweet way to end your meal. Plus, it is NOT sickening sweet like other desserts tend to be.

I always look forward to a meal at Taste of Lebanon and hope you will too.

PS – They’re closed on Sundays.

Taste of Lebanon Restaurant
1509 W Foster Ave
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 334-1600

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2 Responses to More People Must Know About Taste of Lebanon’s Kick Ass Middle Eastern Food

  1. Betty says:

    Wahh looks tasty! I see they’ve got stuffed grape leaves, which I’m gonna have to try (one of my fave things to eat). Also: is that a hand sink by the counter? Interesting, as it encourages hand washing before eating. Suddenly I’m hungry… will have to try this on my next day off. Thanks for giving me reasons not to cook at home lol ^_^;;

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