I Wish More Vendors Sold Elotes on the Street

With the warm weather coming up, I look forward to seeing independent vendors setting up and selling summer street food. Unfortunately, they tend to come and go since Chicago doesn’t have any set laws/regulations for vendors. I wish Chicago would be more like Portland, OR.


On a chance day after work, I was waiting for the Lawrence red line train platform. I spied an independent vendor working at an intersection from the train platform’s vantage point. I vowed to make a visit and see if they had anything I wanted.


It took a few tries to find this elusive guy, but I finally did! Almost every day, I’d head to Winthrop street, hoping he’d be there. Well, I finally did it. And those chips look delicious!


After a quick look at the menu, I was elated. I LOVE ELOTES! An elote is basically a Mexican version of corn on the cob. After cooking, it is kept warm until it is dressed to serve. It’s usually served on a stick with a combination of cheese (I’m guessing cojita cheese?), mayonnaise, salt, and chili powder. I’m sure there are other toppings, but my past elotes have had these ingredients.

elotes cup

I’m more of an elotes in a cup kind of gal. It does cost a bit more, but it’s worth it! Instead of corn on a stick/cob, the corn is cut off the cob and put in a cup while the toppings are placed on top. I always ask for everything on top and I especially love stirring it all together to create a tasty on the go snack. It may seem like it’s a small portion, but it’s quite filling! The salty smooth textures with the corn is delicious and the corn goes quite well with mayonnaise. I hope I find this guy soon, I’m starving for an elote!

Anonymous Dude
Lawrence Ave and Winthrop, Chicago, IL
Uptown Neighborhood
Appears Randomly

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