It’s Svea-ry Nice to Meet You

So you’re stuck and want to have a nice brunch with your honey bunny…. or broke college friends… or you’re seriously a broke ass… or you stayed up all night after a night of revelry and now you’re starving for some breakfast. Never fear! Svea is here!

Svea Restaurant – Courtesy of Yelp

Located in the heart of Andersonville on Clark street sits this little blue restaurant. But once mid-morning hits, this place is buzzing with customers. A quaint Scandinavian place for breakfast/brunch. A place with a lot of heart and simplicity. BE and I happened to be awake at a particularly obscene time (ok, for me, it was obscene) so we dropped by for breakfast.

Ham, over easy eggs, potatoes

BE ordered ham, over easy eggs, potatoes…

english muffin

With an english muffin on the side. It was just the right amount for him and not heavily salted either. Just right.


You’ll also receive some condiments including butter and faux maple syrup. By the way, if you ever order the Swedish sausages, the Swedish mustard that goes with them is divine! I’ve never used so much mustard in my life until I had that meal.

swedish pancakes, over easy eggs, sausage

I ordered sausage, Swedish pancakes and over easy eggs. Apparently, the Swedish pancakes are quite popular and people swear by the lingonberry jam (in the plastic containers) and butter. I heartily agree; it’s way better than the faux maple syrup they serve w/ the butter. Their over easy eggs are consistently wonderful and look gorgeous when broken into. Next time you’re awake at the crack of dawn, swing by to enjoy their neighborly friendliness and blue decor.

PS – Cash only!

Svea Restaurant
5236 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 275-7738

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