The Next Food Train Stop is at Sweet Station

In a previous post, I mentioned a bit of a food riddle. I wrote, “However, an influx of people decided to leave Chi Cafe and open up another place called… do you know which restaurant I’m talking about?” That’s right folks, SWEET STATION!

Sweet Station Sign

Located in Chinatown, Sweet Station is on the opposite end of Chi Cafe. I first heard about SS from friends E, J, D and R. Thanks friends! BE and I now love SS. This post documents our first meal ever at SS.

Sweet Station Ext

The restaurant harks a clean color scheme and fun diner styled booths. And of course, there’s the obligatory Steve Dolinsky photo in the front window. I swear that man is EVERYWHERE I go. Maybe we have similar tastes in food?

hot tea

Upon sitting down, you’ll get a plastic cup of hot tea, regardless of the weather. It’s not because they’re rude, it’s a cultural thing to drink tea with your meal vs. water. And if you’re not with an Asian person or a party of non-Asians, I’ve seen servers automatically give water or customers chase down wait staff for water. They’ll sometimes give you water, but you’ll have to request it.

Beef Rice Noodle Wrap aka Beef cheung Fan

We ordered some of our favorite Chinese dishes as well as some others to get a feel for the restaurant. Here we have Beef Rice Noodle Wrap aka Beef cheung Fan. Think of it as a square rice crepe with steamed beef filling it and sweet soy sauce on top. This was pretty good and tasted fresh so we’re quite pleased with it.

Salt Pepper Chicken Wings

Salt and pepper chicken wings arrive in a basket with fried rice bits on the bottom. The chicken is crispy, salty and juicy. Nom nom nom. By the way, if you expect your meal to come in the appetizer-soup-salad-entree-etc order, forget it. When it’s done in the kitchen, it comes out, period.

Fried turnip cake in xo sauce

Another one of our favorites is the pan fried turnip cake with XO sauce. The turnip patties are more like square blobs, but is pretty generious for its serving size. I love the bean sprouts and vegetable bits that come with this dish, so tasty.

House Special Sweet Beef Ribs

House special sweet beef ribs comes with a lovely brown sauce that’s slightly spicy and lots of sauced up white onions. This stuff is wonderful over white rice and is fun to nom on the ribs.

Fish Fillet w/ Sweet Sake Sauce

We also tried out the fish fillet with sweet sake sauce and it was a hit. The fish is fried and then topped with a sweet sake sauce. This is also great with white rice and went fast.


I’m always wondering if I’ll be able to remember what I ate so I took a photo of our receipt. By the way, this meal was for me, BE and diner A. We were stuffed and for about 10 bucks a person + tax + tip, that’s great for dining in!

This won’t be the last I’ll be posting on SS! I have more meals to share and recommend folks to try SS out! They have tea time specials, just like Chi Cafe. 🙂

Sweet Station
2101 S. China Place
Chicago, IL 60616
Phone: 312.842.2228

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3 Responses to The Next Food Train Stop is at Sweet Station

  1. Betty says:

    Steve Dolinsky was eating at Avec just yesterday afternoon. Just sayin’. 😀

  2. Betty says:

    Sadly, not anymore. Well, not all of it: he got the sausage dish that comes off my station, which is all I happen to remember >_<

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