Getting Take Out from Andies Restaurant

Recently I was given a gift certificate for Andies Restaurant and have been wanting to redeem it for a while. If you do good deeds, you get rewarded! 🙂 So off to Andies I went, ordered take out and brought it home.

Shawarma sandwich

I ordered the shawarma sandwich and it came with tahini sauce on the side.

Shawarma veggies

Here’s the inside of the sandwich/pita, filled with fresh vegetables including cucumbers, onions and sliced tomatoes.

Shawarma meat

I tried to get a picture of the meat, but it didn’t work out too well. The fillings came out and it was a bit of a mess. Here’s the meat, in its sliced glory. Whatever you do, do NOT order the shawarma sandwich. Dry, quick to fall apart, chewy tough meat, not so good.

Appetizer Combo

Here we have the combination appetizer which included hummus, 2 falafels and a spinach pie with a yogurt dressing (my guess). It also came with some pita bread to dip into the hummus. The falafel was dry and bland. The hummus was OK with the pita bread, sort of grainy though. The spinach pie wasn’t so bad. I wished there was more spinach pie or a bigger pie, something of that sort.

Gyros Sandwich

BUT! Diner A and BE got the gyros sandwich and it was awesome. Stick to the gyros people. Plentiful meat, fresh onion and tomato slices fill the pita bread. And of course, there’s never enough tzatziki (cucumber) sauce to go with it. Wow, this was fantastic. Next time I go for take out, gyro all the way. Gyros FTW.

Andies Restaurant
5253 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60640

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