Chef’s Corner is in the House!

The title is a cheesy, but hey, it’s true! Chef’s Corner IS in a house.

Chef's Corner Sign

Located off Chicago Avenue in Naperville sits the house of Chef’s Corner.

Backyard seating

You may not see it initially, but Chef’s Corner has a great back yard! Initially, I wondered where people were going with their take out food, but I realized that some folks brought their meals to their cars and to this wonderful picnic styled seating area.

Chef himself and kitchen

Here’s the chef himself, bustling around his kitchen. The inside is cozy and colorful. If you come during lunch like I did, be prepared to wait for your food as it’s cooked to order and many people come in and out like busy ants.


Here we ordered the cevapi, which is described as beef sausage on the menu. Wikipedia describes it as a “Balkan dish of grilled minced meat, a legacy of the Ottoman Empire found in the countries of South Eastern Europe.” It came in a huge piece of flat bread and white sauce. We all thought it was good.

Kobe Burger with Cheese

BE went for gold and ordered the Kobe Burger, in which the chef asked if he wanted cheese on top and said yes to it. Oh look at that cheese, melty goodness! BE especially liked the burger fixings such as the lettuce, tomato and onion add ons because they were actual fixings, unlike places offering a skimpy piece of iceburg lettuce. Fries came on the side and we all thought it was all right. A bit of ketchup fixed things up.

Plain Burger

I ordered the burger combo which includes a soda, plain burger, fries annnnnd a serving of gelato! The burger was thick and when we bit it, the burger spewed meat juice out. This burger also had the fixings as the kobe burger aside from the cheese. I thought the burger meat could use a bit more salt on it, but thought it was fine for the most part.

Raspberry Gelato sample

The chef had some free time and gave us a sample of raspberry gelato. Wow, it was so refreshing and actually tasted like raspberries! I’ve heard that he likes to give out random samples of his food so don’t be surprised if he offers you some!

Blood orange gelato

After eating our main meals, I asked for my gelato. They were so busy that the gelato didn’t accompany my burger combo as the lady taking the food orders was besieged with customers. There have a small sign of what gelato flavors are available as they make them IN HOUSE. Here we have the blood orange gelato. The color was so pretty, the flavor light in the blood orange taste and was not at all like the melty gelato I see at other places offer.

Comparing gelato

We devoured the blood orange gelato and decided to order a pint of gelato to go. For those wondering, it costs only $4 + tax! As you can see in this photo, it’s a great deal and you can share it too. The costs per serving are cheaper.

Pint of Raspberry Gelato

We got a pint of the raspberry gelato to go. The chef packed the gelato to full capacity, though, upon closer inspection, we think it was a pint container for soup? (lol) In any case, the raspberry flavor came through and wasn’t a muted flavor. The chef boasts that he makes real gelato, unlike the gooey, water pumped gelatos we see at other places. As I dug my spoon for another spoonful of raspberry gelato, I thought he was onto something.

Chef’s Corner
821 East Chicago Avenue
Naperville, IL 60540-5511
(630) 420-1313

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