Finding Masa’s Sushi Bar was a bit like Finding Nemo (Boston, MA)

Aside from eating in the windy city, I take advantage of other culinary delights (or failings) that other cities have to offer. In this post, I head to Boston.

In a previous post, I talked about Wagamama. Oh goodness, after eating that I needed a pick me up. And sorry about some of the blurry images, was in a rush!


I found out about Masa’s Sushi Bar while I was googling for Japanese places to eat at. Though, it did take some effort to find this place as it was located in a small food court, that was in a building and this building had no signs indicating it had a food court (!). They’re located out in Cambridge and what makes the place interesting is that the food bar itself is located in a school building that is reminiscent of a tiny mall.


The place is pretty much a sushi bar with seats. Doesn’t seat many people, but it works.

Sushi Bar

When you sit down, you can see the staff working on your sushi. Unfortunately, the owner wasn’t in, he was in Japan when BE and I ate there. By the way, Masa’s Sushi Bar is among many independent Japanese shops and restaurants that have set up in this building. For those wondering, it’s a very small version of Mitsuwa, minus groceries.


We were served hot green tea in these cute mugs.


When you look down onto the counter, there’s a mat that also serves as a menu. There were additional menu items that were written out on a separate board.

Sushi Set

BE ordered a sushi set, though, I forgot which one. I believe it was the one that priced around $9.95.

Sushi Set close up

Here’s a closer look at it. Some of the nigiri include fish from salmon, mackerel, tuna, etc. and has a standard 6 pieces of tuna maki. BE thought it decent and fulfilled his sushi craving.

Interesting Chopstick Holding

This was kind of random, but while we were waiting for our food, there was a person holding their chopsticks in such an odd way. It seemed kind of painful to hold the chopsticks. I wish someone had told them that it’s totally cool to eat nigiris with your hands (just don’t forget to clean them before eating)!

Chirashi Bowl

I ordered a chirashi bowl, which is essentially a bowl of sushi rice with sashimi slices and some sliced vegetables laid on top. I spied some tamago (egg), mackerel, tuna, salamon, cucumber, etc. on my bowl.

Chirashi Bowl Close Up

Here’s a better look at the bowl. The sashimi slices were a bit shiny, which is a good thing. Your fish you should NOT smell and look shiny. Shininess in fish is one indicator that it’s fresh. Smelly fish is bad, it means your fish is going bad and you were served something inferior. I particularly enjoyed my chirashi bowl as the fish tasted fresh, especially the mackerel, and was given plenty of sushi rice to eat it with. If you need a sushi pick me up in this area, give Masa’s a try.

P.S. – I was stuffed afterwards as I had, perhaps, unwisely eaten at a ramen place before Masa’s. I’ll do another post on that ramen shop later, it was awesome!

Masa’s Sushi Bar
1815 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140
(617) 492-4655

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