Meet My Feline Friday: Too Much Water Makes Cat Emo

Meet My Feline Friday is a weekly post on cats, mostly mine. If you would like a cat to be featured or perhaps found something cat-related you want to share, let me know!

With the recent downfall of rain in the Chi-town area, it reminded me of the times when I washed Pepper in a small bath. Some folks think it may be silly to have a bath for a cat, but I find it a necessary evil for both Pepper and myself. While cats do indeed clean themselves, sometimes they need extra help. For example, Pepper is getting older and can’t clean as well. Sometimes her fur is fluffed in a weird way and accumulates bits of dirt and hair balls while she explores her surroundings. As a long haired cat, I think Pepper understands this and puts up with her infrequent baths as long as she gets brushed afterwards.

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