Windy City RibFest May Be Small, But Their Food Spirit is Mighty

After attending Naperville’s RibFest, I HAD to go to Chicago’s Windy City Ribfest this year, located in the Uptown neighborhood. That’s where I met up with my awesome foodie pal B! She also has an insightful food blog, chronicling her experience as a line cook at a really nice Chicago restaurant called the Kitchen and the Egg. I recommend checking it out!  🙂 Also, it was at this Ribfest that I had met B through mutual friends so for me, it was also kind of like celebrating an anniversary of our friendship! As cheesy as that sounds, I am very sincere about it.


With my tickets in hand ($1 = 1 ticket), B and I went to order some meat!

Big Boned

We decided upon Big Boned (I know, unfortunate name) as it looked more appetizing and there was a longer line for their food.

Rib and Mac n cheese from Big Boned

B ordered some ribs with mac and cheese on the side. They thought the ribs were dry and their bbq sauce was okaayyyy (so-so). I have to agree with that too. The mac and cheese was okay, but not memorable to report home.

Pulled pork sandwich 1

I ordered their pulled pork sandwich and doused it with sauce after getting it. I also put some sauce on the side in case I needed it. Turned out, I needed it.

Pulled pork sandwich 2

Here’s a better view of the pulled pork sandwich. The pork was okay, a bit dry so I had to put a lot of sauce on it. But I have to admit, it was a lot of fun to see who makes the better ribs. B tried some other vendors and thought they had better ribs overall so if you decide to attend Windy City Ribfest next year, don’t be afraid to sample around.

P.S. – We walked around and saw some local stores such as the Uptown Pie Company! B got a peach pie and thought it was divine! B also got two drinks from them and they were DA BOMB!

Windy City Ribfest
Located in Uptown, Chicago
Off the Lawrence Red Line Station Stop on Broadway Street

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