You’ll Have to Move Fast (Plus Early!) to get a Donut from Doughnut Vault (Chicago, IL)

WARNING: Bring a friend or two; or in my case, four, if you want to sample their selection of donuts. The baked goods are mostly big, poofy, sweet and carry lots of calories.

Doughnut Vault Menu

The door to the vault is rather small and unassuming. Next to the door is a painted menu of what is available. Did I mention that the donuts move quickly? If you have a smart phone, check their twitter page for donut updates on what is sold out and if there are any new flavors of the day.


Once you get into the space, it’s pretty small. The counter is a few feet wide as you can see in this picture.

Donuts for sale

On one side of the counter holds racks of donuts for mass consumption. To quote Homer, “Mmmm… donuts!”

Donut bag

We chose every donut they had in stock except for their buttermilk old fashioned because it was sold out by the time we came up in line. The bag is pretty cool as it looks kind of hipster-ish and has an imprint on it.

Gingerbread Stack

The gingerbread stack are the vault’s smallest donuts. They come in groups of three and had a somewhat of a gingery taste to them. I liked these as they were not too sweet and easy to eat.

Vanilla Glazed donuts

The vanilla glazed donut was incredibly sweet to me. The donut itself was fluffy and large, but wow, the glaze was strong. You definitely need a strong cup of coffee or tea to balance the flavor of this.

Interior of vanilla glazed

The interior of the glazed donut did remind me of one of my favorite raised donuts from Voodoo Donuts, but the price point wasn’t quite there.

Chestnut Donut

The chestnut donut was good, but not particularly memorable to me. It has the same base as the vanilla glazed donut, but it wasn’t a favorite of mine.

Chocolate glazed donut

Lastly, I tried the chocolate (& vanilla) glazed donut and felt my blood sugar spike after I finished my first bite of this. If you have a massive sweet tooth, this would be your donut of choice because it was incredibly sweet from the vanilla glaze with chocolate notes. The sheer size of the donut plus the sweet flavored intensity felt like I was going to develop a cavity.

Personally, I’m not into very sweet donuts so I’d stick with the gingerbread stack and probably the old fashioned buttermilk, even though I’ve never had it. Admittedly, Doughtnut Vault has got to start selling milk because I needed it to down the donuts. Remember to get there early to snag a donut!

The Doughnut Vault
401 1/2 N. Franklin Street
Chicago IL 60654
Tuesdays-Friday starting at 8:30am until we run out.
Saturdays at 9:30am until we run out.

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