Revisiting a Tasty Meal from Naan and Beyond (Washington, D.C.)

Aside from eating in the windy city, I take advantage of other culinary delights (or failings) that other cities have to offer. In this post, I’m in Washington, D.C.

Naan and beyond sign

It had been so long since I had eaten at Naan and Beyond. Years ago, I used to come here and grabbed delicious grub during the busy lunch hour. I was also a broke intern, looking for a meal that was more interesting than a sandwich and not break my bank account. After revisiting the DC area, I dragged BE over to re-live its food combo glory.

More naan

The little restaurant food preparation is a kin to food court shops. Most/all dishes have been pre-made and set in hot counters to serve up to customers. Naan and appetizers are set to the side for point and pick up ordering. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians can both order from here and not feel neglected. No, it’s not the best Indian place in town, but for the price, convenience, and flavors the food brings, it’s good to go. Also, it’s a hole in a wall kind of place so if you’re looking for “ambiance”, “air conditioning”, “nice interior”, “super chatty friendly in your face wait staff”, etc. then don’t come here i.e. manage your expectations.

Naan and chutneys

The naan is made on site and if you come during rush periods, the naan is fresh and hot. In this shot you can see the two chutney sauces they offer at the register. The orange sauce was a sweet mango chutney and the green one was spicy and minty so pick your favorite. Or do what I did and get both.

Butter chicken, basmati rice, potatoes

BE ordered the meat combo which consists of one meat entrée, one vegetable entrée, rice
and naan. He ordered the butter chicken, regular basmati rice, potato (curried?) and naan. He really enjoyed it and especially favored the butter chicken.

Biriyani, butter chicken chickpeas

I ordered the meat combo as well and snagged a great deal. Instead of plain basmati rice, I got biriyani as my rice for no extra charge, butter chicken, chickpeas (curried?) and naan. At first bite, I was transported back to when I was an intern, stuffing my face at work and thinking about what work I had to do for the rest of the day. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and finished every bit of food on my plate. Sure, the chicken had chunks of chicken breast (which I’m not too into) and we came into the place towards closing time so the quality of the food wasn’t as good as it could have been, but hey, we came to eat and walked away happy little penguins.

Naan and Beyond
1710 L. St., NW
Washington, D.C. 20036
PH: (202) 466-6404
Fax: (202) 466-6406

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