Meet My Feline Friday: Finally Made it to Friday instead of Monday!

Meet My Feline Friday is a weekly post on cats, mostly mine. If you would like a cat to be featured or perhaps found something cat-related you want to share, let me know!

I’m super excited to return Feline Fridays to… FRIDAY! I had a run where it was more like random Feline days instead of a once a week dosage of catfulness. Remember my post on the new year and all the food I ate? Before the start of the new year, there is one important Japanese tradition that is (somewhat) practiced the days leading up the Jan. 1st and that is to clean up your home and make sure it is in working order to welcome the new year. Pepper is a part of the home and she got a bath! Some people may say that it’s silly to wash your cat, but seriously, sometimes cats need help and assistance in the cleaning department. Now to the cool cat in the round cardboard temple with Japanese decorations and new year offerings on it is the one and only, Maru. He’s an internet celebrity and has a heavily visited youtube channel! Such a cute cat!

Now back to Pepper and boy, is she tired. Her eyes glow softly like a hunting beast. She is guarding something close to her, like that pillow or the doll that she has her paws on. Contemplating her next move.

Nope, nothing to see here. JUST SLEEPING IT OFF. Pepper wishes everyone a prosperous new year and hopes to see everyone every FRIDAY! 🙂

P.S. – I just noticed it’s Friday the 13th! Sketchy sketchy sketchy!

Remember, if you have a cat or want to share something cat related, e-mail me!

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One Response to Meet My Feline Friday: Finally Made it to Friday instead of Monday!

  1. Fluffy Tufts says:

    Your cat is lovely!!
    My cat is a bit like her only she has more white!

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