My Very Last Meal at Cloud 9 [CLOSED]

I’d written about Cloud 9 in a previous blog post and am sad to share my last meal there. I had heard rumors that it was closing up shop so I ran over to see if the internet whispers were true. Alas! They were true and Cloud 9 was indeed, closing up shop.

Here’s the guy who owns Cloud 9, making one of his last batches of Taiwanese Snow Ice. He confirmed with me that he was closing up shop as he was not getting enough business. If he ever thought to re-open his shop, I’m hoping he’d consider opening in Chinatown or an area with a high concentration of Asian and Asian American clientele.

Mango shaved ice with condensed milk and sweet red beans. So sad looking. 😦

My snow ice, partially eaten and delicious as ever.

This was my first and last order of a pretty authentic Taiwanese bubble tea. This is the real bubble tea that is apparently the inspiration or the “base” of a big craze in pan-Asian restaurants *coughJoyYees* and well, for some reason, people think bubble tea is a fruit smoothie with tapioca balls on the bottom. Real bubble tea is well, tea and not some weak tasting concoction with blended fruit. In any case, it was delicious and with every sip I took, I knew that I was a bit closer to not having this beverage in Chicago.

Unfortunately, Cloud 9 is an example of a fine establishment that did not get enough business and even if the food is good, not everyone will give it a shot. RIP Cloud 9, you will be missed!

Cloud 9
604 W. Belmont
Chicago, IL 60657

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