Meet My Feline Friday, Err, Monday: It’s Monday Time Again! And Why I Went AWOL for a While

Meet My Feline Friday is a weekly post on cats, mostly mine. If you would like a cat to be featured or perhaps found something cat-related you want to share, let me know!

Urghhhhh!!!! See how Pepper is just laid out in her doggie sweater? That was me in the past week or so. I’m sorry that I had been really awful with updating the blog as I had come down with the flu and well, I couldn’t think about or look at food for a bit. If you catch my drift, I had also befriended the toliet for a bit. Your BFF should never be a toliet.

Pepper spent a lot of her time hanging out with my incapacitated self. In hindsight, she wisely stayed out of my face area and kept close to my legs. So wise and smart in her nature, I’m so glad she stuck around while I rolled around in bed.

Though, I do admit that she gets incredibly lazy and sleepy when her doggie sweater is put on her. When the weather got really cold and snowed a ton, I put the sweater on her in an attempt to help her stay warm and feel better. Not only did it keep her warm, but also promoted laziness and extended sleeping, as if cats did not sleep and lounge around enough. Oh well, here’s to a productive Monday and a great rest of the week!

Remember, if you have a cat or want to share something cat related, e-mail me!

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