Meet My Feline Friday: What? YAWN~ You Attempted to Make Dim Sum?

Meet My Feline Friday is a weekly post on cats, mostly mine. If you would like a cat to be featured or perhaps found something cat-related you want to share, let me know!

Pepper was hanging out with my purchases the other day. Cyclops the cat! I was also super excited, talking to Pepper as if she could understand me.

“DIM SUM! Ms. B and I attempted to make DIM SUM! HARD WORK! AGHHH!!”

She scratched herself as if to say, “YAWN, thank Ms. B for the shrimp brains, tasty. Carry on, human owner.”

Time to sleep. TIRED. Pepper did not share the same enthusiasm as I did, but wow, Ms. B and I had a cooking party and attempted dim sum. I wanted to share what we made.

Shu mai! Steamed pork and shrimp dumplings. We steamed them a bit too long and I think the skins were a bit big?

Turnip cake! Now, this may not be recognizable because turnip cake is first steamed into a thick cake and then slices are cut off to be fried. Once you fry them, they are ready to serve. This was my first batch and I had forgotten to add SALT to the batter. 😦 My second batch steamed up better and actually had, SALT. *facepalm* Just so you know, turnip cakes look look like this when you order them:

See? Recognizable, ya?

Lastly, har gow aka steamed shrimp dumplings. Wow, the dumpling skins were a PAIN to pinch together and make. The skin kept tearing and not cooperating. The dumplings may look aesthetically pleasing, but dang, the skins were a bit thick on the pleats. No WONDER people who make dim sum are experts because this takes quite  a bit of time to conquer! It was all very yummy and am still eating turnip cakes and shrimp dumplings.

Remember, if you have a cat or want to share something cat related, e-mail me!

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One Response to Meet My Feline Friday: What? YAWN~ You Attempted to Make Dim Sum?

  1. bettyjrex says:

    Haha! We did steam the shumai too long! Around 10 minutes might be the trick. Also, I would definitely love to try making those hargow again! I must be a masochist haha. It’ll give us a chance to feed Pepper shrimp brains again 🙂

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