I EFN Love Aloha Eats and Can’t Believe I Haven’t Shared This Wondrous Place Already! (Chicago, IL) Image Heavy!

I’ve eaten at Aloha Eats so many times that I don’t even remember when I ate my first meal here, but I do recall it was a chicken katsu plate lunch (w/ two scoops of rice, macaroni salad). Now that the weather is warm and beautiful, it reminds me of Hawaiian weather! Recently, I had a hankering for a plate dinner and trekked down to Aloha Eats to get my katsu on. In retrospect, it was crazy because I hadn’t eaten there in over a year! *horrified face*


See the signage? Aloha Eats used to be named Aloha Grill for folks who’ve known about them from way back.


If you ever walked by the store front, they have pictures and articles about their foodstuffs. And yes, that is a Steve Dolinsky sign on the upper left side of the window. That man has eaten at almost every place I’ve blogged about in Chicago so we must share good taste in food. 🙂

Interior 1

The inside is bright and sunny with a counter by the window with stools and sit down tables and chairs in the rest of the space. I figured folks didn’t want to be seen in this photo so I used an emoticon to express their happy faces.

Interior 2

There’s a side menu on one of the walls so check it out for menu specials. There’s also fun articles and artwork related to Hawaiian culture i.e. Obama photo and framed Spam picture.


When you look up, there’s a large menu to help you decide what to order.


Or if looking up is too much for your neck, you can look at the menus and food pictures by the counter. I have also taken the liberty of expressing this person’s happy face. 🙂

Aloha Maid Natural - Lilikoi Passion

I got an Aloha Maid Natural, Lilikoi Passion flavor! It was delicious and went well with my meal. Thanks again for the lovely drink! 😀 I recommend trying their Hawaiian flavored drinks to get the big island experience. A taste of the tropical fun and sun! As I finished writing that last sentence, my radio started playing ‘Miami’ by Will Smith, lol.

Exterior of mini plate

If you can, I really recommend sitting down to eat and having your food come out to you. While take out is an excellent option for Aloha Eats, if you travel on the CTA, the smell of freshly made katsu wafting through the bus is enough for people to attract attention to you, solicit hungry stares at your warm bag of food and may compel you to gobble it up on the spot before you get home.

If you do travel home with Aloha Eats food on the bus, this will be the face of people on the bus who are staring at you as you travel home with katsu wafting in the air. Trust me, I speak from experience! To learn more about the Y U NO character, go here.

Mini Pork Katsu Plate

I ordered the Mini Pork Katsu plate with macaroni salad and rice on the side. Despite it being a mini plate, there was a lot of meat!

Pork Katsu Sauce

Here’s a close up of the katsu sauce. I love the sweet and tangy sauce! SO GOOD!

Close up of Mini Pork Katsu

Here’s a better close up of the pork katsu. Egads, I love fried foods, especially Hawaiian plate lunches that involve them!

Empty Mini Pork Katsu Plate

After chowing down, I finished my mini plate and loved every bit of it! A word for the wise (or the very hungry?): if you go for a regular plate lunch, you get 2 scoops of rice, macaroni salad and a MASSIVE amount of meat. I have seen large manly men walk into Aloha Eats, order something like a double chicken plate or a hawaiian bbq plate and couldn’t finish it. Not many can conquer a regular plate lunch, but as Ms. I shared, no one goes home hungry!

Exterior of Tofu Katsu Plate

A few days later, Ms. B and I met up to eat some katsu! Here we have an unopened regular sized plate lunch.

Pork Katsu Plate

If I remember correctly, Ms. B ordered the Pork Katsu Plate lunch. Can you believe all that meat? That is a lot of meat and it is all fried. It comes with rice and a large scoop of macaroni salad. If you’re on any kind of diet, uh, this place is not for you. This is serious Hawaiian comfort food. Ms. B really enjoyed her meal and remarked that it totally hit the spot in her katsu craving.

Tofu Katsu Plate

I ordered the Tofu Katsu Plate, which consists of 4 blocks of fried tofu, rice and macaroni salad. The sauce that comes with the tofu katsu meals is sweet, tangy and has a spicy kick to it, which goes great with the tofu. If you get a mini tofu katsu plate, you get two blocks of tofu, but I love tofu so I went big!

Spam Musubi

And of course, it would be a proper meal without some musubis! Ms. B got an order of spam musubis and very kindly shared one to me. It may seem like a lot of rice and looks like a strangely shaped onigiri/nigiri, but it is delicious! And if you want a vegetarian version, there’s tofu katsu musubi with their tasty sauce! Or a bbq chicken musubi! They’re incredibly delicious and make a great bento items too. One day, I hope our local 7/11 stores carry spam musubis just like the ones in Hawaii do. And because I love Aloha Eats so much, I dug out as many photos of previous meals at Aloha Eats that I have eaten as well as some friends’ meals so I could share what you could get there!

Spam Loco Moco

If my memory serves me right, here’s a Spam Loco Moco. Sorry about the poor picture quality. Grilled Spam, two eggs any style, brown gravy with rice. I don’t remember if I ate this. Hmm… though, I wonder, where’s the brown sauce? Was this something I ordered and didn’t remember? I know I would’ve added a lot of sauce. Moving on…

Mini Chicken Katsu Plate

Here’s a Mini Chicken Katsu plate. Small, but mighty! Delicious too. I definitely ordered and ate this up.

Chicken Katsu Plate

This is a the Chicken Katsu Plate. As described on their website, “Boneless and skinless chicken filet breaded with premium Japanese bread crumbs, fried, and chopped into smaller pieces. Served with our home-made sweet and tangy Katsu Sauce (or with Brown Gravy instead on request; white meat is $8.75)” I definitely ate this and took home the leftovers. Though, I’ve never ordered it with white meat and/or brown sauce. I am not a fan of white meat and love their house katsu sauce too much to get the brown sauce.

Curry Sauce with Chicken Katsu

Here’s a Curry Chicken Katsu plate. The curry comes on the side along with the usual sides. I liked the curry, but I prefer the katsu sauce, but I recommend giving it a shot. If you don’t like the curry sauce, you can always request their katsu sauce on the side. One can never have enough sauces!

Chicken Katsu with french fries

This is the same Curry Chicken Katsu plate as above, but WITH french fries instead of rice. As much as I like french fries, I preferred the plate lunch with rice. I don’t know what it was, but I love eating rice with katsu. It just… works for me.

Chicken Katsu Plate

Here’s another Chicken Katsu Plate. Gosh, I’ve eaten a lot of chicken katsus in my past.

Kalua Pork Plate

I honestly don’t remember who got this Kalua Pork Plate. I’ve never eaten it, but it definitely has fans because I see people ordering this. Again, massive amount of shredded pork and cabbage with rice and macaroni salad.

Hawaiian BBQ Mix Plate

I can totally see from this photo that I shared this Hawaiian BBQ Mix Plate with BE! As described, it has “BBQ Beef, BBQ Chicken, and BBQ Beef Short-Rib.” The short-ribs are like the Korean short ribs and have that wonderful gnawing texture of the bones, the bbq chicken had teriyaki flavors infused with it and the bbq beef were thin slices marinated in house made bbq sauce. If you like meat and/or had someone to share it like me, I really recommend trying this out! You get to try 3 different kinds of meat in one dish and you don’t have to over commit either. It has rice, macaroni salad and shredded cabbage on the side as well. Here’s a totally random factoid: the first time that BE and I ever sat down and spoke to each other was at Aloha Eats! And we ate here a lot i.e. dates. And we’ve been together ever since. I like to think that the meals played a part in bringing us together. 😀

Double Chicken Plate
And lastly, here’s a Double Chicken Plate which consists of their Hawaiian BBQ chicken and katsu. This is great if you love chicken and want to try them two different ways like I did. This also comes with rice, macaroni salad and shredded cabbage.

I really hope I convinced more people to try Aloha Grill out. The plate meals are fantastic, the staff are super duper awesome and very chill (Shout out to Mr. I and Ms. I!) and you will never go hungry after eating a plate lunch. Your stomach will never be alone! I totally EFN (EatFoodNao, pun) love them!

Aloha Eats (Formerly known as Aloha Grill)
2534 N. Clark
Chicago, IL

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  1. bettyjrex says:

    Reading this post made my mouth water. I definitely plan on going again sometime soon. I’d love to try mix plate or the Kalua plate. Yummm…

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