Caribbean American Bakery Has Some Seriously Tasty Meat Patties (Chicago, IL)

On a shopping trip on the north side of Chicago, I asked my girl friend if she was willing to brave the sketchy feeling streets of Howard for meat patties/pies. She kindly complied with my request and drove over to the Caribbean American Bakery to see the baked goods.

Exterior signage

I’ve read/heard that many people are not willing to come to the bakery because of its location and neighborhood surroundings. In an effort to get more people to check this place out and feel safe while doing so, I have attempted to come up with ideas to help folks who are undecided.

  • Visit during the day i.e. while there is a lot of sunlight out. Benefits of this include getting access to more freshly made baked items and feeling less rushed.
  • If you come in a car, there was parking spots in the front of the bakery.
  • The bakery is a few blocks east of the Howard Red Line station so this is very CTA accessible. In rush hours, you even get on the Purple Line to go express to Howard!
  • Come to the bakery with a friend(s) i.e. safety in numbers. More people, the merrier! If you bring friends, you also help support local businesses by buying their products.

Bakery interior
When you enter the bakery, you are greeted with a really large glass counter space. The gentleman in the photo was a customer and was super friendly to us. He told us the bakery has some wonderful baked goods and that he comes in a lot. He said they used to make more baked goods, but the demand wasn’t as much so they stick to certain items these days. Most people come in, choose their items and leave the place since there’s no place to sit and hang out. He recommended their coco bread and will aim to get it the next time I’m there! It looked so good!

Beef and jerk chicken

I wanted to try their infamous meat patties so I got one beef patty and one jerk chicken patty. The lighter tan one was the jerk chicken and the orange-ish one was the beef patty. The cool thing about these patties was that they were stored in these heated metal tray receptacles and separate from the rest of the baked goods so they’re warm and ready to eat!

Jerk chicken

Here we have the inside of the jerk chicken pie. Wow, it was spicy, had a smooth mouth feel sauce, visible bits of chicken and a flaky exterior. As for the beef patty? Ummm…. my friend ate a lot of it and by the time I remembered to take a photo, I had devoured the rest of it. BUT it was so delicious! Every bite with seasoned ground beef and flaky crust. I’ve heard that people special order a frozen batch of these to bring home since they live far away and some order them for parties because they’re easy to eat and so delicious. Next time I’m ordering more than two and getting that coco bread! Hopefully I convinced some people to consider trying out their baked goods, they’re a treat!

Carribbean American Bakery

1539 W. Howard St.

Chicago, IL 60626

(773) 761-0700

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