Happy 100th Post for EatFoodNao! A Quick Adventure in Mitsuwa’s Food (Edgewater, NJ)

Wow, I’m so excited! This is the blog’s 100th post! YA! I somehow managed to publish some kind of kitty/foodstuff post almost every time too. In an effort to celebrate, I wanted to share some foodstuffs I ate in Mitsuwa in Edgewater, NJ. Yes, that is the LARGEST Mitsuwa in the U.S.! Mitsuwa is a retailer of Japanese goods and has some locations all over the U.S., primarily in locations where there is a high concentration of Japanese people. Each location usually has at least a grocery section, bakery, food court and bookstore. Some locations have more than others and the New Jersey location is by far the biggest.

Wow, look at all the onigiris (rice balls)! I’m so envious of the food selection in this location as it’s bigger and has a ton of neat things you may not find in smaller Mitsuwas.

Here’s the same area, different angle. There’s also a lot of prepared meals to take on the go such as tonkatsu-dons (fried pork cutlet over rice), oyako-dons (chicken and egg over rice), unagi-dons (roasted and marinated eel over rice), etc.

And like all the other Mitsuwas, there’s a ton of makis to go around! Look at that! And they’re all stacked, ready to go!

Here we have a section on pickled vegetables.

I loved this massive selection of preserved fish, vegetables and seaweed. Many places don’t carry these important side dishes to Japanese meals and I’m so glad they had a lot. So what did I eat?

I didn’t take a picture of the prepared sushi sections, but did get some to eat. This is marinated mackerel over sushi rice. The fish is marinated and then pressed into a mold with the rice underneath. You don’t need to dip it into a sauce because it’s already pre-flavored. If you like mackerel, I really recommend trying this out.

If my memory serves me right, I think this was yellowtail and the item was possibly mis-marked as it was priced as .02 on the label. I can’t help myself when it comes to a good deal and it tasted great!

A sashimi pack for BE to eat, which had salmon, whitefish, tuna, squid? and some others I can’t remember.

I snagged an order of the bukkake udon from Sanuki Udon (udon shop in Mitsuwa). On top there’s grated daikon, tempura bits and veggies. When you mix it together to eat, it combines to make a great mouth feel and wonderful broth. The udon was chewy, not slimy and not soggy at all. This is meant to be eaten as soon as you receive the dish as the udon may get soggy if you don’t eat it right away.

I also went to Katsuhana to get a tonkatsu (pork cutlet) combo set. I got lucky as the pork cutlet set was on special! YEAAAAA! It comes with shredded cabbage, potato salad, a bowl of rice, miso soup and pickled veggies. I was really pleased with the karashi (mustard) and the sesame tonkatsu sauce. I tried to buy the sesame tonkatsu sauce and ended up asking an employee (with my crappy Japanese language skills) if they carried it. She ended telling me that it’s a special sauce (“…ah! Iie… no, this is Goma Katsuhana original sauce!….”) and they didn’t carry it. Drat, getting awesome tonkatsu sauce has now been added to my bucket list. No, Bulldog does not count as it’s just a standard sauce, but not as this goma tonkatsu sauce I had in Mitsuwa NJ or Hawaii. Two extreme locations for fabulous katsu sauce. 😦

Then I went over to Oishinbo to get some freshly made obanyaki! Yay!! Stuffed with either custard or red bean with anime characters as design on it. They also made taiyaki (fish shaped) buns too.

I liked both versions, though, I think I may have preferred the custard a bit more for the smoother mouth feel. I’ve read that people have complained that this dessert wasn’t sweet enough or that the batter/filling was bland. This food doesn’t cater to American taste buds of overly sweetened things so don’t eat it if you’re expecting a sugar bomb.

Then I went to Ito En to get a large serving of black sesame ice cream! By the time I remembered to take a picture, the ice cream was half gone, oops. It was delicious, slightly nutty and smooth. Black sesame ice cream is so delicious!

Here’s a fairly large display of Kasugai gummy sweets. I almost got the ramune flavored gummies as I love ramune, but then traded my ramune for the yuzu flavored gummies. I don’t recall seeing yuzu at most locations so that decided it for me.

Then we got another udon from Sanuki Udon. And no, we did not eat everything at once, as much as we wanted to. 🙂 We spent all day there and ate lunch, had snack time, and dinner there.

BE had been tempted to order some Japanese styled Chinese food and finally decided to take the plunge. He snagged an order from Tokyo Hanten and honestly, I’m not sure what he ordered. I think it was a pork stir fry with thinly sliced daikon topped with kewpie mayo and seaweed salad. I know the side sounds weird, but it actually tastes fine all mixed together.

Then we ate desserts from St. Honore Bakery. This was a fried donut dipped in chocolate, drizzled with a green tea topping and filled with a light matcha filling. Definitely a rich mouth feel with an oily, crispy and sweet taste on the outside. An extremely indulgent donut if you decide to eat this.

I also snagged some puddings too. The yellow one was a regular custard pudding and the green one was a matcha pudding. I preferred the regular custard pudding over the matcha one as the taste was more balanced and the matcha pudding was a bit intense. I think the matcha would’ve been really good if I paired it with a really sweet dessert to offset the green tea flavor.

Lastly, I got one slice of strawberry cake, green tea cake and a regular cheesecake. We thought the matcha might’ve been a bit dry as it didn’t taste this way the last time we were here. 😦 I liked the strawberry and cheesecake slices better. The large strawberry that was dusted with powdered sugar was sweet and wasn’t sour.

Well, that wraps up my 100th post and my food adventure in Mitsuwa New Jersey!! I’m hoping to get back to posting more food stuffs to share with you all!!

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  1. Jean says:

    Everything looks yummy!

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