Meet My Feline Friday: Uh, I Don’t Drink Human Beverages

Meet My Feline Friday is a weekly post on cats, mostly mine. If you would like a cat to be featured or perhaps found something cat-related you want to share, let me know!

This was Pepper when she was a bit younger. She seemed a bit more put together, less of a hot mess and very happy. BE thought she would hold Suntory’s DAKARA drink bottle as BE snapped the photo of her. If you’ve never had DAKARA, it’s a lightly sweetened beverage with citrus hints (grapefruit?) in it that’s made by Suntory, a Japanese beverage company. Pepper is such a tolerant cat. I don’t know of many cats who would deal with owners who insist on having their cat pose with various things.

Remember, if you have a cat or want to share something cat related, e-mail me! I might dedicate a Meet My Feline Friday post to it!

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