You Can Have Multiple Flavors in One Cup of Gelato at Paciugo! (Chicago, IL)

WHO LOVES GELATO!!? My friend, Ms. B from the Kitchen and the Egg introduced me to Paciugo on one of our food excursions. I am so glad we went because it was really fun and delicious!


This particular location is located in Boystown on the intersection of Broadway and Melrose street. If you wanted to cool off, this place would be a great place to chill out at, especially with the insane 90 degree weather Chicago has been having.

More Flavors

The staff shared that they make all their gelato daily and rotate dozens of flavors so customers can choose from a wide variety.

Flavors abounds

With many gelato flavors to choose from, one has a hard time deciding what to get. They were very kind in allowing us to sample many flavors! They even had flavors for those who wanted a sugar free or sugar substitute option.

Lavender, pistachio, and others

Ms. B got a mixture of vanilla lavender, pistachio, and two other flavors. I think the other 2 flavors she had were hazelnut and pannacotta (wedding cake). Feel free to correct me if this is wrong, Ms. B!

Pistachio, and some others

As for myself, I had pistachio, hazelnut and two other flavors that I can’t quite recall. I think the other two were dulce de leche and pannacotta. But I must say, the gelato was delicious and you’re able to pack in quite a lot of flavors in one cup! I love having lots of flavors so for me, this was a win win situation.

Have another

And if you’re feeling guilty eating this delicious dessert, at least it’s less fat then ice cream! 🙂 I’m so glad Ms. B brought me here. Thanks Ms. B! The gelato was lovely!

Paciugo – Gelato and Caffe
3241 N. Broadway Street
Chicago, IL 60657

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One Response to You Can Have Multiple Flavors in One Cup of Gelato at Paciugo! (Chicago, IL)

  1. bettyjrex says:

    The purple one was violet I believe. I definitely had hazelnut, but hat’s all I really remember, aside from the fact that they were all delicious and complemented eachother well. We should go back soon to see what new flavors they have!

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