GO RAMEN Totally Confirms My Ramen Suspicions and FoodFilmFest! (Chicago, IL)

OMG, DAMN. I was reading on Go Ramen’s blog about how he was coming to Chicago and do a serious demo on his food (awesome ramen!), but damn damn damn I couldn’t make it. So I’m totally late about it, but today is the last day of the Chicago Food Film Festival and if you have time, please go and support them. There’s one film left in the festival and you can view ticket info right here.

And yes, GO Ramen TOTALLY confirms my ramen suspicions. Sorry Slurping Turtle fans, but their ramen is not up to par. And apparently, that’s Chicago’s best/most known ramen shop. Good grief. Tokyo 21’s ramen sucked so bad that Keizo didn’t even bother much with it. I commend Keizo for trying the ramen in Chicago, but sorry, our ramen sucks.

I love ramen and still think most of the U.S.A. is far behind in the ramen game. You simply can not step into a place and expect good ramen. I’ve been to insane ramen places where I’ve been served a mostly raw “hanjuku” egg and shitty salty broth (I’m looking at YOU, Toki Underground in DC, supposedly best ramen shop in town), been told that I had to wait 2-3 hours from ramen (I am not waiting this long in NYC [maybe Japan] so open up more shops Ippudo!), and have been served ramen that tasted familiar and turns out to taste like the pre-packaged refrigerated ramen that I got at Mitsuwa (Shame on me once, never twice Satsuma DC!).

Chicago Film Festival: http://thefoodfilmfestival.com/

Go Ramen Blog Post: GO RAMEN!: Chitown!!!….

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