About EFN

EatFoodNao. Eat Food Nao. Eating a lot of food nao. Now.

Eatfoodnao is about the food (mis)adventures of Ms. Nao in her daily life and travels as she attempts to find, share and eat awesome food.

Pronounced EFF-EN [not the alcoholic beverage] or E-F-N.

Text and Photos © Eatfoodnao – 2011. All Rights Reserved.

Q: Who are you, Ms. Nao?

A: Hiya! I’m a lady who likes to eat food now/nao and started this blog in an effort to share my food (mis)adventures with friends. I hope you’ll stick around and see something that catches your eye. Oh, and if you see BE being mentioned, that stands for Boyfriend Elected.

Q: Who is the cat that’s all over your blog?

A: This lovely calico is my cat, Pepper. Pepper is the mascot of EatFoodNao. Every Friday (or Saturday, Sunday, Monday… ^_^;;) there’s a Meet My Feline Friday posting where I share pictures of Pepper’s life or posts pictures of other cute cats. If you want to share a cat or want to share something cat related, e-mail me! I might dedicate a Meet My Feline Friday post to it! 🙂

Q: What kind of food blog is this?

A: Eatfoodnao is primarily a restaurant review blog. I have randomly posted things I’ve cooked on my own before. While I am considering posting recipes and things of that sort, I may slowly introduce this aspect later. In the meantime, you can check out the stuff I’ve cooked through my monthly bento posts. At the start of every month, I blog about the previous month’s bentos.

Q: You have food reviews that are all over the United States so where are you based out of?

A: My posts primarily consist of Chicago, Illinois locations, but I eat extensively out of state so don’t be surprised to find reviews that span the United States. I’ve eaten at a lot of places.

Q: What kind of cuisines do you focus on reviewing?

 A: I try to focus on mostly Asian cuisines, specifically Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese as these are my strong points. I also try to incorporate reviews of various Asian establishments (i.e. Vietnamese, Korean, Indian, etc.) that wouldn’t normally appear on (fancy) food blogs and am skeptical of food reviews because people who review such places do not share my taste in food. While these are the cuisines I like to focus on, I love blogging about non-Asian establishments as I’m always looking for a place to snag a great burger, donut, taco, etc. Overall, I love places that serve good food, especially hole in the wall independently run restaurants. However, I don’t hesitate to blog about food that I thought wasn’t good and go into detail as to why I didn’t like it, especially if the place is “hyped” up. Yes, I sometimes do not play nice.

Q: How do I know you’re the real deal/legitimate? 

A: I’ve paid for all my meals and speak honestly of what I thought of the food. I also do not share the same taste in food as some other food bloggers so you may find my perspective on food to be different. My perspective on food is uniquely mine and sometimes clashes with the public’s opinion of particular restaurants. I try to support locally run, independent establishments (food trucks, hole in the wall places, etc.) and promote the discussion of exploring your food through farmers markets, food expos, artisanal craftsmen, seasonality of ingredients, ethnic neighborhoods, etc.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. I’ll do my best to respond back.


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