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GO RAMEN Totally Confirms My Ramen Suspicions and FoodFilmFest! (Chicago, IL)

OMG, DAMN. I was reading on Go Ramen’s blog about how he was coming to Chicago and do a serious demo on his food (awesome ramen!), but damn damn damn I couldn’t make it. So I’m totally late about it, … Continue reading

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Lao Sze Chuan is Now Open on the Northside! (Chicago, IL)

Omg, there’s a new Tony Hu restaurant and he’s coming to the northside of Chi-town! And guess what?! He took over the recently exited Marigold restaurant space too! Any early adopters want to share how the food is? And what … Continue reading

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A Sun Wah BBQ tofu tour

Check out the link for a really cool look into Sun Wah’s venture into tofu making! I’ve tried the soymilk that comes out of the tofu making process and it’s not bad, pretty good. For those wondering where I got … Continue reading

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Happy 100th Post for EatFoodNao! A Quick Adventure in Mitsuwa’s Food (Edgewater, NJ)

Wow, I’m so excited! This is the blog’s 100th post! YA! I somehow managed to publish some kind of kitty/foodstuff post almost every time too. In an effort to celebrate, I wanted to share some foodstuffs I ate in Mitsuwa … Continue reading

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I EFN Love Aloha Eats and Can’t Believe I Haven’t Shared This Wondrous Place Already! (Chicago, IL) Image Heavy!

I’ve eaten at Aloha Eats so many times that I don’t even remember when I ate my first meal here, but I do recall it was a chicken katsu plate lunch (w/ two scoops of rice, macaroni salad). Now that … Continue reading

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Lunching at Renga-Tei is so Oishilicious!! (Lincolnwood, IL)

I LOVE RENGA-TEI! Renga-Tei is an old school Japanese restaurant that caters to Japanese, Japanese Americans (niseis, sanseis, etc. meaning 2nd generation, 3rd generation, etc.) and to the general American public. I first heard about Renga-Tei from some good friends … Continue reading

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My Very Last Meal at Cloud 9 [CLOSED]

I’d written about Cloud 9 in a previous blog post and am sad to share my last meal there. I had heard rumors that it was closing up shop so I ran over to see if the internet whispers were … Continue reading

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