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Happy 100th Post for EatFoodNao! A Quick Adventure in Mitsuwa’s Food (Edgewater, NJ)

Wow, I’m so excited! This is the blog’s 100th post! YA! I somehow managed to publish some kind of kitty/foodstuff post almost every time too. In an effort to celebrate, I wanted to share some foodstuffs I ate in Mitsuwa … Continue reading

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I EFN Love Aloha Eats and Can’t Believe I Haven’t Shared This Wondrous Place Already! (Chicago, IL) Image Heavy!

I’ve eaten at Aloha Eats so many times that I don’t even remember when I ate my first meal here, but I do recall it was a chicken katsu plate lunch (w/ two scoops of rice, macaroni salad). Now that … Continue reading

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It’s Never a Rainy Day at Sunshine Cafe

Sometimes I want a home cooked meal and don’t want to cook it myself. The answer to that is Sunshine Cafe. Image taken from Yelp What IS Sunshine Cafe? Why, it’s a cozy Japanese American home styled restaurant. Is there … Continue reading

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A Place Like Wagamama Sounds Like a Wrestling Move (Boston, MA)

Aside from eating in the windy city, I take advantage of other culinary delights (or failings) that other cities have to offer. In this post, I head to Boston. I had never heard of Wagamama before coming to Boston. I’m … Continue reading

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