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Phở 888 Might Become My New Favorite Place for Phở (Chicago, IL)

I needed some phở and was starving. BE, Diner B and I wanted to try out another phở place and decided on Phở 888. I’d previously eaten here on someone’s recommendation, but didn’t have the chance to savor the food, … Continue reading

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Katy’s Dumpling House Makes Pretty Solid Hand Pulled Noodles (Naperville, IL)

I first heard about Katy’s Dumpling House from foodie friend, H. They had recommended it as a solid place for freshly made hand pulled noodles and overall Chinese food. So finally, BE, Diner B and I walked over to their … Continue reading

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Le Colonial’s Taste of French Indochina

I was searching for a place to eat a weekend brunch and found Le Colonial. In the about section of their website, they mention they’re a ‘cleverly crafted recreation of the civilized yet exotic world of French Indochina.’ Admittedly, it … Continue reading

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Le’s Phở’s Phở Rocks! And is Better Than Phở Xe Tank’s Phở

I’m going to get some haters because I said Le’s Phở’s phở is better than Phở Xe Tank’s phở AKA Tank Restaurant. (Phở = pronounced FUH, not FOE; I pronounced phở as FOE for many years and was enlightened of … Continue reading

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Miso Ramen at Noodles by Takashi Yagihashi

I first heard about Noodles by Takashi Yagihashi through various food sites and word of mouth. It wasn’t until BE (boyfriend elected) peaked my interest. After a ramen huddle, I was on a mission to find this place. More like, … Continue reading

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