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Lunching at Renga-Tei is so Oishilicious!! (Lincolnwood, IL)

I LOVE RENGA-TEI! Renga-Tei is an old school Japanese restaurant that caters to Japanese, Japanese Americans (niseis, sanseis, etc. meaning 2nd generation, 3rd generation, etc.) and to the general American public. I first heard about Renga-Tei from some good friends … Continue reading

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Finding Masa’s Sushi Bar was a bit like Finding Nemo (Boston, MA)

Aside from eating in the windy city, I take advantage of other culinary delights (or failings) that other cities have to offer. In this post, I head to Boston. In a previous post, I talked about Wagamama. Oh goodness, after … Continue reading

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Hold Your Horses When You Gallop into Sea Ranch

Happy belated cinco de mayo folks! I can’t believe it’s May already! Well, time for another posting. Many friends ask, “Where can I go for sushi? Where do you go for sushi?” Well, the minimal level of acceptance is Sea … Continue reading

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